School Charter & Policies

Our School Charter

Our current Charter, for the period 2017-20, can be found here.

The Charter is at the heart of all we do at Hokowhitu School. It is developed by the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the school community, and its purpose is to set our strategic goals for improving the outcomes for our students over the next three years and to lay out a plan for working towards those goals over the next year. 


How to read our charter

Our Charter follows the format required by the Ministry of Education. This means that it has four main sections: 

  • An introductory section: This introduces our broad strategic intentions for Hokowhitu School over the course of the next three years. Here’s where we express our mission statement, vision, values, and principles—the priorities that give us our sense of focus in what we’re trying to achieve as a school. It also includes a statement about how we will seek to value cultural diversity and recognise the unique position of Maori culture within our school. The introduction concludes with what is called “Baseline Data”, which gives a brief overview of who we are as a school. 
  • A strategic section: This section lays out five strategic goals that we have for Hokowhitu School over the next three years, and a series of strategies that we will be pursuing in order to achieve those goals. These statements are still quite “big picture,” as they focus on identifying the key area where we are seeking to make improvements for our students. Because of this big picture focus, this section will remain relatively constant from year to year during the course of the Board’s tenure.
  • An annual plan: This is where our charter gets detailed. First, it takes each of the goals from the Strategic section, and sets measurable targets for how these will be addressed by the principal. Then it identifies the particular learning focus that we have chosen to prioritise during the year, and lays out a specific set of strategies for meeting our targets in this area.
  • An annual report (“Analysis of Variance”): This is where we report to the Ministry of Education on how well we did on meeting the goals laid out in the previous year’s annual plan. 


Our School Policies

An important part of the Board’s governance responsibilities involves setting policies that describe how we expect the school to be run, in order to produce the best outcomes for our students and to fulfil our legal requirements. The application of these policies in the day-to-day running of the school is the responsibility of the principal, in accordance with the procedures and handbooks specified in each policy.

Our timetable for the regular review of our policies is here.


Anti-Discrimination Policy (2017)

Hokowhitu School Board of Trustees recognises the right of staff, students and their families to be in a safe physical and emotional environment, free of discrimination.

Appointment Policy (2015)

To ensure that the person best suited to the position and to meeting the needs of Hokowhitu School is appointed.

Appraisal Policy (2015)

Appraisal systems at Hokowhitu School will enhance the development of staff and contribute to ongoing school improvement and learner outcomes.

Assessment Policy (2015)

At Hokowhitu School assessment is conducted to gather, monitor and respond to student achievement information, with the aim of improving achievement for all students.

Behaviour Management Policy (2017)

The Board of Trustees has a responsibility to provide a safe, physical and emotional environment for those within the school.

Classroom Release Time Policy (2016)

Hokowhitu School is committed to providing the maximum benefit to teachers and students by implementing a classroom release time (CRT) policy that addresses teacher workload and meets the school’s strategic goals.

Communications Policy (2015)

Hokowhitu School is committed to effective and timely communication with whānau and the community at all levels.

Complaints and Concerns Policy (2016)

Hokowhitu School Board of Trustees takes the complaints and concerns of all staff, parents, community and students seriously and takes all steps to respond to them.

Curriculum Delivery Policy (2016)

At Hokowhitu School the child is at the centre of all educational planning and the needs of each child will be acknowledged and catered for.  Planning documents and curriculum statements guide delivery of the curriculum. Literacy, numeracy and key competencies are prioritised in classroom teaching and learning.

Discretionary Leave Policy (2015)

Hokowhitu School is committed to being a fair and equitable employer in the provision of discretionary leave.

Equal Employment Opportunities Policy (2014)

Hokowhitu School is committed to the principle of being a good employer by ensuring equal employment opportunities (EEO).

Education Outside the Classroom Policy (2015)

Children learn from opportunities to interact with and relate to the world beyond the classroom in a safe and consistent manner.

Farewell and Gift Policy (2016)

Staff are important part of Hokowhitu School and their contributions are valued.

Financial Policy (2015)

Hokowhitu School maintains a high level of accountability over the assets and liabilities of the school to maximise resources and learning opportunities.

Health and Safety Policy (2017)

Hokowhitu School provides a safe physical and emotional environment to ensure the safety of students, employees, parents and visitors.

Healthy Eating Policy (2016)

Hokowhitu School is committed to encouraging children and whanau to be part of a healthy eating environment and culture in our school.

International Student Policy (2016)

Hokowhitu School may accept a number of international students each year to support their learning and as a source of income for the school.

Principal Appraisal Policy (2016)

The annual appraisal of the Hokowhitu School Principal will enhance the provision of high quality educational opportunities within the school by monitoring the goals and performance of the Principal.

Property Policy (2016)

Hokowhitu School’s Board of Trustees is committed to having a school that is well-maintained, safe, and functional.

Self-Review Policy (2015)

Hokowhitu School will engage in a continuous programme of self-review for all aspects of the school including documentation.

Sun Protection Policy (2016)

Hokowhitu School is committed to providing a safe environment for children and this includes promoting sun protection behaviours.

Treaty of Waitangi Policy (2017)

Māori are the tangata whenua of Aotearoa New Zealand and the language and culture is a living part of New Zealand society and Hokowhitu School.