Term 1, Week 10 - 2019

Farewell and thank you to Miss Macmillan who has been working alongside Mrs Orr in Ruma Rua for the last 4 weeks. We wish you all the best for the rest of your study Hannah.

UPDATED CONTACT DETAILS - have yours changed since you enrolled your child?
It is ALWAYS really important that school is immediately contacted when you change address, or have a new phone number or email address, OR the contact details for one of your emergency contacts change. Sadly, we often find ourselves not able to contact you or your contacts immediately, as this has been overlooked. Please check that we do have up to date details for your child/ren. If they are suddenly unwell, it is very disheartening for them to not have a significant adult in their life at their side.

As it is a Board of Trustees election year, it is extra important that we have correct addresses etc of everyone eligible to vote in the upcoming BoT election. Nominations will be called for early next term.

Email, phone or text the school to update right now!

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