Term 4, Week 4 - 2019

Thank you to the families who have assisted us by letting us know that you will not be attending our school in 2020. We are in the final stages of placing the teaching staff into their 2020 kete and then will be able to complete placements of learners in whanau classes.

Please keep in mind that it is to be expected that everyone will spend two years in at least one kete over the time they are here at Hokowhitu School– e.g. if a child is a Y4 in TKA this year and is then placed in TKA as a Y5 for next year – they are NOT being held back. The New Zealand curriculum is spread over levels and each level of the curriculum is designed to take 2 years to complete. Additionally, we teach each child from ‘where they are at now’ and ‘move them on’. Our system does not consider that ‘one size fits all’ and therefore everyone will be completing the same work simply because they are in the same area.

It is, in fact, often when the second year in a kete occurs, that increased opportunities for leadership responsibilities are given as being one of the more senior members of the kete.

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