Term 2, Week 7 - 2020

Thank you once again for your flexibility and understanding of our ‘new normal’ here at school.
At this stage the arrangements for pick up and drop off will remain throughout Alert Level 2. We hope that you and/or your child is enjoying a personal greeting as they come in each morning and a cheerful ‘goodbye’ as they leave in the afternoon. The teachers are noticing how ‘independent’ even our youngest learners are becoming - they really can put their bag up on the hook by themselves, unpack their food and book bag and set themselves up for learning all by themselves. Thank you for trusting us to support them with this!

As a reminder, please carefully read the document below for details, but in summary:

  •   The only entry onto school grounds before the 8.30am bell is for those registered with before or after school care.

    Everyone else must wait (socially distanced) at the footpath area.

  •   We are trying to avoid having additional adults on site (of course New Entrant children may have ONE adult to

    support them for their first days). Any adults entering buildings will be required to sign in at the office.

  •   We have developed different drop off/pick up zones for each kete - this helps with practising social distancing,

    particularly among groups of adults.

  •   In releasing TKW and TKP students (and their siblings) at 2.45pm, we are managing to avoid most of the

    congestion at the gate (and with parking) at the end of the day.

  •   There will be firm expectations around hygiene/hand washing and no tolerance around sick people being able to

    be at school. 

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