Term 2, Week 2- 2022

Our delicious ‘family pie’ and ‘lamington’ fundraiser is underway. Our supplier is Rosebowl Bakery in Feilding. Your child came home with an order form at the end of last term. Let us know urgently if you need another one by contacting the office. Those of you who are able to get multiple orders - thank you! Please have friends/family either pay cash or pay into your bank account and you then send one payment into the school account. Orders close on Monday, so this is a last call.
We have received ‘random’ payments from people who are not using any reference details that can help us identify who the order is for, so please follow the instructions above.

There will be prizes for our top sellers, so let’s see if we can make this a really good fundraising event.
We also ask that anyone who has excess paper supermarket bags, please send them to school for the PTA (and helpers) to pack pie orders into. Do let us know if you can help the PTA pack up orders on the afternoon of the 26th May. Thanks for your help with this. 

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