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Term 1, Week 9 - 2017

A plea from me - please read your newsletter. If by any chance you don’t get a hard copy in the school bag on a Friday, please be proactive. Read it on the school app or on the school website, or insist your child brings it home on Monday. You can even email Robyn in the office and ask her to email you a copy.
We are always disappointed to hear people knew nothing about particular events, when we try really hard to keep you informed. For example this week’s Goal Setting evening was in the Term 1 calendar, advertised in 2 weekly newsletters and placed on the school app at least twice too.

The children miss out as well as we prepare them and build them up to talk to you about their learning, and if no one comes along, it is a wasted opportunity. 

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Term 1, Week 8 - 2017

At the PTA meeting on Tuesday evening, we decided to set our big fundraising goal for 2017. The PTA is going to partner the Board of Trustees in raising funds to purchase a cover for the swimming pool - exciting!!!
One of our major fundraisers for this year is going to be a monster raffle in Term 2! If you know of any business that may be willing to donate something to go in the raffle, please let us know or bring it in!

So we are careful not to miss acknowledging any of our sponsors, please ensure that the business name is with the donated item/s.
We held a monster raffle two years ago - with incredible success (thanks to the generosity of so many sponsors) and can’t wait for the 2017 one to be as good or even better. Please start asking around as the more donations we have, the better the prizes we can offer, we then sell more tickets and make more money to save for the pool cover.
If you would like a request in writing on the school letterhead before making an approach for potential donations, please feel free to come and get one from the office. 

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Term 1, Week 7, 2017

Summer sports are either finished or close to finishing for the season. My sincere thanks to all the coaches/managers and parents who have supported teams. There are still some sport fees outstanding - please make these payments straight away as the school has already paid these subscriptions on your behalf. Sports uniforms (on hire) should also be returned to the teachers in TKA.
When your child is expressing an interest in joining a winter team, we rely on you to ensure they make a commitment to attend practices and games for the whole season. Perseverance is one of the STRIVE values we aspire to here at Hokowhitu School and we thank you for supporting this. 

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Term 1, Week 6 - 2017

It was our younger learners turn to shine on the field this week with our duathlon being held yesterday. It is great to see children giving their very best efforts to things, even when they are finding it challenging. It is also great to see how many of you managed to juggle your busy timetables to be able to come and support the children - they love having an audience, so thank you. 

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Term 1, Week 5 - 2017

Thank you so much for the positive feedback following EOTC week. A simple ‘thanks’ means a huge amount to us - we know we don’t always get everything right ALL the time, but we genuinely try to! From our perspective the week was a huge success, with a fantastic range of skills and learning. Of course, there are also things that we would streamline for the future too, so we will happily accept any feedback you may have. 

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