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Term 2, Week 11 - 2020

Teaching staff are in the process of writing interim reports that will be ready to be sent home in the first week of next term. These will be followed with Celebrating Learning evenings, where you will have the opportunity to discuss any aspects of the report you would like to know more about.
The mid-year report format has changed - we opted to come back from lock-
down and get on with ‘teaching’ rather than spending several weeks completing formal assessments. Therefore, the report gives overall teacher judgments in key learning areas as well as key competency levels and a general comment.


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Term 2, Week 10 - 2019

Now that we have everyone clear on the pick up/drop off points, there seems to be a smooth transition occurring between us all. Thank you for the way you are supporting our child/ren - and please remember that there are up to 9 staff outside forming the ‘meet, greet and chat’ team if you wish to have a conversation.
If you are coming in to look at learning on a Friday morning, try to get here soon after 8.30am - this gives you more time to browse before we are into taking the roll and starting morning programmes.

TKW -Waka - flagpole
TKW - Huia - behind the hall near aPlus
NEW MEETING POINT, near the library steps by the bike stands TKM - at the front of the school
TKA - outside TKA by the chain
TKT - near the steps of TKT 

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Term 2, Week 9 - 2020

Isn’t it great to be back to alert level 1 as a country? While it will take some time for us to settle to another ‘new normal’, please be assured that we are working really hard to get as many exciting and varied experiences as possible programmed for the children here at school. While we have had to cancel SOME things in our calendar, we are doing our very best to replace them with other events that will be exciting and entertaining as well.


Thanks to everyone who replied to this consultation. The details and outcomes were sent home to you yesterday, however, as a reminder, here are the summary points.

  •   No one at school before 8.30am

  •   EVERYONE is welcome onsite

  •   Head to your meet and greet point following the 8.30am bell. A teacher will be there to greet and chat.

  •   On Friday mornings, everyone is welcome to come into the classroom and share the week’s learning.

  •   TKW and TKP children (and their older siblings) have the option to leave school at 2.45pm. Let your teacher know

    by email if they will be a 2.45pm or a 3.00pm pick up from the meet and greet point.

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Term 2, Week 8 - 2020

Like you, we are waiting to see when our country will be able to go to Alert Level 1 as we continue to contain the Covid 19 virus.
Yesterday you received a google form consulting you on your views for some proposed ‘tweaks’ to continue our current drop off and pick up times/places. These proposed changes come from us using new (and streamlined) procedures that enhance health and safety for everyone and also set the tamariki up for independence and readiness to be starting learning right on the 8.50am bell. Please only complete this once per family - https://forms.gle/y1ARfSLNqQxCv4Lr6

We thank you for your support with this and welcome your feedback.

While the opinions are collated and analysed, we will continue with the current arrangements. 

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