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Term 2, Week 8 - 2022


Councillor Pat Handcock was at school this morning assisting us with planting a native tree donated to the school by the Palmerston North City Council - to honour the 150th anniversary of Palmerston North City. We thank the council and Mr Handcock for the donation and will look forward to seeing the tree flourish over the coming years.


Mrs Blay, Mr Masoe and the kapa haka roopu have been working incredibly hard to prepare our tamariki to participate in the upcoming Pae Tamariki festival. It is very exciting to have Hokowhitu School participate for the first time in at least the last 10 years (and possibly much longer).
My sincere thanks to the tamariki and to both Anna and Elisha, and also to the whānau that have made big efforts to support their tamariki with extra practices and time commitment. 

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Term 2, Week 7 - 2022

While we are aware that the number of people wearing masks is waning across the motu, we are continuing to follow MOE advice.
The advice from the Secretary of Education in this week’s bulletin was ‘we continue to strongly recommend that your staff and students in Year 4 and above wear masks when indoors. It will go a long way in protecting the vulnerable among you, everyone wearing masks helps protect those of your students and teachers who are at greater risk of infection, we know, for example, that the parents of some children with disabilities have felt that their children are less safe at school because of the lack of masks.’

There are a number of nasty ‘influenza’ type viruses circulating, as well as COVID, so it is our intention to follow the advice given and offer masks to everyone indoors in Years 4 and above. We appreciate that many children have their own masks and encourage them to bring them to school themselves.
If you do NOT wish your child (Years 4-
6) to wear a mask indoors, please advise their whānau teacher by email over the weekend.

We are doing our very best to restrict sudden widespread illness and absences - you will be aware that MANY schools are having to/or have had to restrict the number of days’ children can attend, or have had to split classes up. Our stance has avoided this situation so far, and we very much hope it can stay this way. My staff are absolutely essential to us being able to remain fully open, so we thank you for your support with this. 

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Term 2, Week 6 - 2022


A reminder that the bell rings for the start of the day at 8.50am. Please try to ensure that your tamariki arrive at school between 8.30am and 8.45am. This allows time for them to come in, complete morning routines and be ready to start their learn
ing. We ALL have occasions where something doesn’t go to plan and children need to arrive late - that’s understandable. However, regularly arriving after the bell means wasted time for everyone as missed instructions and learning needs to be repeated.
Children enrolled in school are expected to attend regularly unless they are genuinely medically unwell. The Ministry of Education regards 90% attendance as the minimum threshold for regular attendance. We are currently reviewing our attendance records and will be making contact to offer additional support to those not meeting these guidelines.

Thank you for your support. 

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Term 2, Week 5 - 2022


Last week we thanked everyone who had supported the recent fundraising events by purchasing pies/lamingtons and/or a pizza lunch.
This week I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Amy Westergaard and her band of helpers (both PTA members and others who are happy to just help on the day) who have done all the ‘behind the scenes’ work to ensure that the food was tallied and ordered and then put together a team to sort and distribute. Every little bit of help is appreciated, otherwise the load falls too heavily on a few people.

The old saying ‘many hands make light work’ is definitely true - we thank you for your help and look forward to even more helpers in the future. 

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