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Term 4, Week 5 - 2019


We hope that you find our staff welcoming and receptive to you – we pride ourselves on trying to be friendly and responsive. However, I ask that you are also respectful of ‘out of hours’ time for the staff too. If you email us after 5.00pm (or even before then on days where we are in meetings) or at a weekend, please do not expect a response until the next business day.

Please do not contact staff at any time with school related matters on their personal cell-phones or by social media accounts (unless by mutual agreement).

A reminder that our preferred methods for reporting an absence are through the school app, by email to the OFFICE, or a phone call to 06 3579667 (answerphone available).

Thanks so much for your support – I’m always happy to receive feedback on alternatives that may work for us all.

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Term 4, Week 4 - 2019

Thank you to the families who have assisted us by letting us know that you will not be attending our school in 2020. We are in the final stages of placing the teaching staff into their 2020 kete and then will be able to complete placements of learners in whanau classes.

Please keep in mind that it is to be expected that everyone will spend two years in at least one kete over the time they are here at Hokowhitu School– e.g. if a child is a Y4 in TKA this year and is then placed in TKA as a Y5 for next year – they are NOT being held back. The New Zealand curriculum is spread over levels and each level of the curriculum is designed to take 2 years to complete. Additionally, we teach each child from ‘where they are at now’ and ‘move them on’. Our system does not consider that ‘one size fits all’ and therefore everyone will be completing the same work simply because they are in the same area.

It is, in fact, often when the second year in a kete occurs, that increased opportunities for leadership responsibilities are given as being one of the more senior members of the kete.

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Term 4, Week 3 - 2019


Every 3 years our Board of Trustees conducts a major consultation with our school community. We are reflecting on the things we do well and checking that our strategic direction aligns with the majority of our community – along with looking for fresh ideas that would enhance our school even more.

This survey can be completed EITHER on line or in a paper copy. We request only one response per family, so you can choose your preferred method to feedback to us. The link to complete the survey will come directly to your email address early next week, via Survey Monkey. All responses are eligible for an entry into a lucky draw to receive a prize. We encourage you to take the time to complete the survey – even if you do it electronically, you can pause and come back to it when you have a spare few minutes.

Paper copies of the survey can be placed in the ballot box in the school office – your entry into the lucky draw goes into the lucky draw box sitting beside the STRIVE voucher box (also in the office area).

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Term 4, Week 2 - 2019


Our BoT has opted into the new Ministry initiative that provides us with additional funding in return for not requesting parent donations. This is a decision that the Board will review annually.
So this means that you will not be asked to send money for day trips, online subscriptions, kete celebrations, visiting performers, sport providers (during the school day) etc.

The exceptions to this ‘lack of request’ for payments are out-of–school sports registrations, stationery/uniform sales, and overnight stays/camps, for which we will continue to request support.

This will obviously considerably reduce the number of occasions that we are requesting money from you. Hip, hip, hooray I can hear you say! If you are a regular depositer into a ‘family account’ you may wish to consider reducing this payment as we will only be requesting payments for the very few exceptions. (eg school camp is only once every 2 years, supplied stationery for TKW/TKP is only once a year, and it is up to you as to whether your child plays out of school sport).

Fundraising events such as sausage sizzles, juicies etc will remain ‘user pays’.

We have reached that point in the year where we are commencing forward planning for next year’s classes etc. It sometimes comes as a surprise to parents if your child is placed in the same kete as they have been in this year. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE BEEN HELD BACK – each kete has 2 year levels of children.
In fact, we only have 5 kete and most children are at our school for 6 – 6 1⁄2 years, so children who start here as 5 year olds will definitely spend 2 years in at least one of the kete.

Chat with your child’s teacher if you are unclear about this – we usually find parents have more difficulty with understanding this than the children and this can result in children being given mixed messages.

If you know you will not be returning next year (or you know someone moving into our zone for 2020), please let us know at the office as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your help.

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Term 4, Week 1 - 2019

Welcome to Term 4 everyone – it is always an ‘action packed’ term, with normal programmes of work, assessments, end of year celebrations, preparation for 2020 and lots more.
We have welcomed Mrs Handcock back into TKA this term, and have also had 12 new students start at our school this week. Nau mai, haere mai to each of you! We are confident you will love being part of the very special culture of the Hokowhitu School whanau and community!

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