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Term 3, Week 5 - 2020

We have been really impressed with everyone’s flexibility following the call to be back at Alert Level 2 of the Covid19 system. Even the tamariki in Mrs Hodge’s whānau class (Waka Iti) who have only been at school for a matter of days or weeks, have shown us that they can ‘kiss and go’, independently walk into their cloak bay, unpack their bag and get ready for the day - wow!! Ka rawe ra.

At this point in time we are at AL 2 until at least Thursday of next week, so keep up the great work everyone. IF we drop to AL 1 at that time, we welcome everyone into classrooms for whānau morning each Friday at 8.30am. 

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Term 3, Week 4 - 2020

While it is disappointing and difficult to have moved up in alert levels again this week, we are pretty much ‘business as usual’ here at school while we remain at AL2. Many of the changes that we needed to make post our first ‘lock- down’ period have stood us in good stead. We have already asked that the children do not arrive at school before 8.30am (unless booked into aPlus), we have maintained increased hygiene expectations, we now have an established routine for the children to independently enter and leave the classrooms, everyone is clear about not sending their child to school when unwell, and classroom programmes (by and large) are continuing as normal.

In the event that we are remaining at the current level next week, please re-read the notice sent home on Wednesday clarifying the expectations around AL 2 status.

If it does become necessary to move to AL 3, distance learning will be required again. This morning you received an email asking you to let us know if your child did not have access at home to a device to assist with their learning.
We wanted to update our records from the last time you were asked this question, as circumstances can change over time.

We have also asked you to let us know if your child is likely to need to attend school under AL3 conditions.
The Ministry of Education is keeping us updated on a daily basis and of course, we will keep you informed as soon as we know of any changes. 

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Term 3, Week 3 - 2020

Thank you to everyone who took the time at our Celebrating Learning evenings to give us some feedback on our written reports. We will use this information to review/adapt the parts of the report that MOST people found useful. It is important that we remember that things that are clear to us as educators, are not always ‘user-friendly’ for parents to interpret. 

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Term 3, Week 2 - 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who attended one of our ‘Celebrating Learning’ evenings earlier this week. We know how much the children enjoy sharing their learning with you.
Please remember that your child’s whānau teacher is available to speak with you at any time of the year - just make contact to make an appointment. 

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Term 3, Week 1 - 2020

Mid year reports (for those eligible to receive one) are in your child’s school bag today - please remember to ask for it before it becomes a victim of any lunch box leftovers!! If for any reason you don’t receive a report and think you should have, please talk with your child’s whānau teacher.


Next Tuesday and Wednesday are Celebrating Learning Evenings. We encourage you to come along to school (with your child) and take the opportunity to look at their learning, chat with their teachers and ask any general queries you may have following reading their report.

To avoid overload on one night we ask that, where possible, children with surnames from A - L come between 5.30 and 6.30pm on Tuesday 28th, and children with surnames from M - Z come between 5.30 and 6.30pm on Wednesday 29th. Please note this is not required for our younger students in Waka or Waka Iti (who will all have a 6 week interview once they have been at school for 6 weeks).

One of the advantages about celebrating learning evenings is that you get to speak with the teacher who has been teaching your child for the core curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy - this is often not their whānau teacher.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to make direct contact with your child's whānau teacher or kete leader. 

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